Containers / packaging forms

We offer you attractive delivery options with packaging dimensions adapted to the internationally customary pallet dimensions (80 cm x 120 cm and 100 x 120 cm). This makes sense both on technical as well as economic grounds, since better use is made of the storage space and the goods can be secured more easily and safely on the pallets.

Packaging forms

We supply our high-performance hot-melts from the ALFAMELT® range in the following forms of packaging:

20 kg bags granulate 400 kg / pallet
25 kg bags granulate 500 or 1000 kg / pallet
14 kg box pillows 588 kg / pallet
15 kg box pillows 540 kg / pallet
18 kg box big pillows 648 kg / pallet
10 kg box sticks  –
12 kg box blocks 480 kg / pallet