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Pallet securing

ALFAMELT® offers economical and ecological solutions for pallet securing. Avoid using intermediate layers or stretch film for transport and secure your valuable goods with the anti-slip adhesives from ALFAMELT®. Simply apply the adhesive to your packaging unit as a bead or curl, transport the goods and, after transport, easily depalletize it without adhesive residues. It doesn’t matter if your packaging is made of cardboard, paper or plastic.

Ask us for the ideal solution for your application.

Pallet stabilization

Our anti-slip adhesives offer an ecological and economical alternative to pallet stabilization with stretch film. By means of thin hot-melt curls or beads in the corners of the packaging, these can be secured against slipping during palletizing. As a result, a very high stability is achieved and your goods can be transported, stored or depalletised undamaged. Intermediate layers and stretch film can largely be dispensed with.

Reduce costs

As energy and raw material prices continue to rise, packers are forced to keep material overheads as low as possible. Stretch wrapping systems are very expensive compared to adhesive systems. In addition to the lower investment costs for adhesive solutions much less material is used and plastic saved. In addition, you retain the flexibility to separate or restack goods quickly and easily. Stretch film on the other hand has to be applied again and again.

Requirements and materials

Packages secured with ALFAMELT®:

  • Paper bags
  • PE bags
  • Cardboard packaging

Advantages of pallet securing with ALFAMELT®

  • Cost saving
  • Saves resources
  • Effective and efficient
  • Improved work safety
  • No masking of barcodes, graphics, etc.
  • Maintains the integrity of your goods