ALFAMELT® – Bio-based Hot-Melts

The world is changing – consumer pressure, new regulations and, last but not least, the shift towards a circular economy are driving companies to improve the sustainability of their new products. With its bio-based hot-melt portfolio, ALFAMELT® offers ecological alternatives to regular hot-melt adhesives without changing the existing infrastructure or compromising on efficiency and effectiveness.


A main ingredient of ALFAMELT® bio-based hot-melts are regenerative, renewable raw materials. These organic raw materials, certified according to ISO 16620-2:2019, do not compete with the food industry and are therefore not only ecologically but also socially compatible. The proportion of fossil components in ALFAMELT® bio-based hot-melts is significantly reduced compared to regular hot-melt adhesives and is substituted by ecological components wherever possible. All these measures ensure a low CO2 balance for the ALFAMELT® bio-based hot-melt portfolio.


  • Certfied bio-raw material content
  • Approved for food packaging
  • Bio-based raw materials from renewable resources
  • Compatible with commercially available melting equipment
  • Greater independence from price fluctuations
  • High process reliability
  • Reduced CO2 footprint
  • Vegan adhesive
Bio-based Hot-Melts for mattresses
Bio-based Hot-Melts for packaging