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ALFAMELT® – High-Performance hot melts since 1972

Comprehensive know-how and many years of experience have made our ALFAMELT® hot-melts into what they are today. Genuine precision and high performance products – always precisely adapted to the requirements and bonding processes of our customers.

Our products daily demonstrate the fusion of know-how, development and efficiency in a wide variety of industries. With our unique service, we accompany you on the road to finding the best bonding solution.

Product range

Our ALFAMELT® hot-melts range includes products for a multitude of applications. Our cost-efficient and high-quality products included a wide selection of standard EVA hot-melts, economic polyolefin-based ALFANTRA® adhesives and powerful hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesives.

SME prize

We have won the renowned Zürcher Kantonalbank SME prize!

We are proud to announce that on 28 January 2015 we won the Zürcher Kantonalbank SME prize. The SME prize annually honours small and medium-sized Swiss c […]


The range of applications for ALFANTRA® in packaging is virtually unlimited. You can immediately create a bond with no difficulty in a wide variety of applications on all types of surfaces.

ALFANTRA® is a family of high-performance adhesives, enabling you to reduce the adhesives for your packaging to a minimum. Their low density and outstanding adhesive properties give our customers the crucial advantage of remarkably low adhesive consumption. The ALFANTRA® product series is also significantly more gentle on your application devices, meaning that unscheduled downtimes and maintenance costs can be eliminated.

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